Spanish Course Level A1 or A2


Spanish Course Level A1 or A2.

Coupon of 20 hours for do the course level A1 and A2.

You´ll book the classes in advance with a special price of 18€/class if you do this course.

If you buy this course you are going to received a coupon and after of that you must to book the lessons in this page:



Spanish Course Level A1 or A2.

This courses are dedicated to persons that would like to start with the Spanish or already they started and they would like to continue with the studies.

The levels are from A1 to A2.

In 20 hours of the course almost we can see all level but it really important that after of the lessons you continue to do homework in home, listening the radio or tv or whatever thing that you keep in contact with the Spanish.

My recomendation is to do at least 3 hours per week and other 3 hours by yourself if you want to do a great progress with the language, of course this is a recomendation and not always is possible to do.

*If you book this package you are going to received the instruntions for pay it and we´ll speak about when could we do the lessons. 


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