¿Cómo valorar situaciones y hechos en español? Nivel B1 Intermedio

¿Cómo valorar situaciones y hechos en español?

En esta lección vamos a aprender a dar nuestra opinión sobre hechos, personas, situaciones políticas o cualquier otro evento que podamos imaginar.

Lo que voy a dar aquí es una estructura comunicativa con diferentes niveles de opinión que se pueden usar en la mayoría de los contextos de la vida.

Es importante que sepamos manejar el presente de subjuntivo en español ya que se requiere para poder valorar situaciones, expresar nuestra opinión y hechos según está estructura.

Nivel: B1 o intermedio

Practica español en casa:

En casa, coge un periódico digital de tú país o de España, lee alguna noticia del día y expresa tú opinión en voz alta, desarrolla porque piensas así.
Si quieres puedes dejarlo en comentarios.


Estructura del recurso comunicativo

(No) Es

(No) Me parece











un horror

una vergüenza

una tontería

que + presente de subjuntivo




(No) me parece
( No) está
(muy) bien/mal que + presente de subjuntivo



Es verdad



que + presente de subjuntivo




Recursos comunicativos nivel B1: ¿Cómo contrargumentar en español?

¿Cómo contrargumentar en español? 

En este articulo está dirigido para estudiantes de español que están en nivel B1.

Si queremos contrargumentar, es decir introducir un argumento o un comentario contrario a lo que nos están exponiendo, en español podemos usar los siguientes recursos comunicativos:

  1. Pues…+ argumento en contra.

Ejemplo 1:

– Me parece fatal que vaya a subir los impuestos.

– Pues a mi me parece bien porque se podrán hacer más cosas.

Ejemplo 2:

– Me ha encantado la película, ha estado genial.

– Pues a mi me ha parecido muy mala.


  1. (Pero) si + argumento en contra. Este recurso expresa una mayor sorpresa.

Ejemplo 1:

– Julía está embarazada.

– Pero si no tienen novio ni marido ¿no?

Ejemplo 2:

– Juan está con depresiones.

– ¡Pero si ayer lo vi bailando en una discoteca!

Bueno, ahora te toca a ti crear unos ejemplos con…:

– No me gusta ir a pescar.


– Donal Trump es el mejor presidente de la historia…


– El mejor equipo de fútbol de España es el Real Madrid.


– El mejor equipo de fútbol de España es el FC. Barcelona.


¡Gracias por tus comentarios!


Píldora de español para nivel B1: Recursos comunicativos Hablar de la duración


En español cuando queremos expresar la duración de una acción que estamos haciendo y queremos expresar el tiempo exacto que venimos haciendo esa acción.
En cambio, si lo decimos con el verbo en negativo expresamos el tiempo que hace que NO hacemos esas acción.
Podemos hacerlo de la siguiente manera:
POSITIVO: Hace 3 años que aprendo inglés.
NEGATIVO: Hace más de 15 que no nos vemos.
-Hace más de 2 meses que no voy al gimnasio ¿y tú?
-Pues hace un mes que no voy.
Ahora te toca a tí, responde a estas preguntas:
¿Hace cuanto tiempo que no viajas al extranjero?
¿Hace cuanto tiempo que no ves a tu mejor amigo?
¿Hace cuanto tiempo no comes sushi?
¿Desde hace cuanto tiempo estudias español?

Questions about learn Spanish

Questions and answers about the learning of the Spanish


I´ve recopilated a lot of questions that my students or people ask for Internet about to learn Spanish.

I am going to give my honest opinion and with my experience to learn a new language. I speak English and I speak a little French. I found very hard to learn a new language like an English with I was working like consultant barely I had some hours available per week for study and my advance It was very slow but sure. I was in a class with 4-5 persons more with a native teacher, the classes were organized, and we studied with a really good book.

After of some years my level of English it was stagnant or at least it was the feeling that I had in this time but I had the best opportunity to learn English, the opportunity to live in Canada.

In this time in Canada was the time that when I learnt the really language but the time when I felt that I took advantage my time and I felt that I was progressing it was with a private teacher that I had and when I made conversation exchange with friends of there.

Me learning English in Toronto

The time one-to-one that correct you and teach you new words, expressions about your experiences it was the best time. For this reason, I propose to do a private lessons when I teach Spanish because you optimize your time and your money.

Well, after of this speech I am going to answer some questions about to learn Spanish:

Can I be fluent in Spanish if I only learn on Duolingo?

I don´t think so. A language is process where there is communication with two persons in an APP like Duolingo only there are one direction and there is not correction about your grammar, your pronunciation and how to use adequately your speech.

Also, one of the things more important when you learn a language, the cultural interaction.  I mean, when you learn a language there are fifth skills that you must learn:

  • Oral expression
  • Listening
  • Writing expression
  • Reading
  • Cultural interaction

Cultural interaction is going to give you the skill how to relation with the native and understand the cultural meanings that there is in a language. This is very important if you want to learn a language.

Besides, when you reach some level of Duolingo what do happens? Are there not more about this language?


How long does it take to be fluent in Spanish?

Good question and very typically of all students. We live in the society that we need all as soon as possible. I think when you decide to learn a language is something that you are going to do forever and there are not finish. You must have passion or a strong needed with this language.

With regard the question I am going to refer Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), this is the agreement to unify the level of all language in Europe, included the Spanish. With this level we can know when you are going to be fluent in a language.

For me, to be fluent it means that you are capable to speak almost all things and subjects with a domain of the subjects that you are expert in your own language. In this case you will need the level B2 and from 450 hours to 600 hours of study, lessons, etc.

But if you need only the Spanish for travel or speak with some friends and survive in a Spanish country for some day you need the level B1 and you are going to need from 260 hours – 480 hours of study, lessons, etc.

How to learn Spanish for free?

Sure. There are different ways to learn Spanish for free:

  • I am sure that you can find some Spanish grammar books in the public libraries.
  • Spanish App. I am not lover of the APP but to start to learn some vocabulary maybe is good but only for some time.
  • To have a Spanish speaker friend for exchange language. This is one of the best system for me to learn and practice language.
  • Using Youtube. There are dozens and dozens of videos with lessons of the Spanish. I have my own channel for learn Spanish.
    Youtube Channel Learn Spanish Online Today with Gerardo
  • Reading books. But if you are starting with the Spanish it will be hard.


How to learn Spanish in 1 month?

In one month, if you don´t have others thing for do, you can do:

8 hours per day x 30 days = 240 hours for study.

If you start from beginner you can reach almost the level B1.1 but if you study for 8 hours every day.

If I am more realistic, maybe you can study 5 days per week and 2 hours per day. This is 41 hours in a month. If you start from beginner, you will need 20 hours more for complete the first level A1.

Is learning Spanish easy for someone who speaks French?

Yes, absolutely yes.
It is not going to be in 10 hours you are going to speak Spanish but you learning it will be quickly than the English speakers.

  • The are a lot of words that almost are the same.
  • The grammar is very similar.
  • The difficult of the pronunciation it not bad.
  • The are a lot of expression that almost are the same.

What language is easier to learn, French or Spanish?

I don´t know because I am not English speaker but the true is there are more English natives learning Spanish that French and besides the Spanish are more important than French with regard of the numbers of speakers.

Which language is more useful to learn: Spanish or Japanese?

There are not doubts for me: Spanish.

Because the Japanese is a language that it is only speaks in Japan and the Spanish is speaks in many countries. At least you have some special interest in Japan for me is sure.

This question is like if you ask me “Which language is more useful to learn: English or Japanes?”

Are there any online chat rooms designed for learning Spanish?

I am not sure, I don´t know any online chat.

I offer a chat for WhatsApp and for Skype, but it is not free so far.

Special Services with the Spanish

Can I learn Spanish in 1 year?

Yes, you can. As like I said before depending on the numbers of hours you could dedicated in one year.

For example:

If you can do 2 hours per week with a private teacher is 104 hours per year and if you start from the begin you could almost reach the level A2.

Of course, this depend if you are living this year in some Spanish speaker country and you have interactions and you have friends from there or you are working you are going to do a lot hour every day and you can be fluent perfectly.

Can I learn Spanish without a teacher?

Yes, you can learn Spanish without teacher. If you can study by yourself and you have some friends for speak Spanish, you don´t need teacher.

But you need to study because maybe you can survive with some Spanish but finally you are going to understand how is works some grammar in Spanish.

The advantage to learn with a teacher is that is going to be quickly, and you will have good foundations in vocabulary, grammar, expressions according with your level.  Also, if you want to aim to have high level of Spanish in your speech I recommend you a teacher.

How and where can I learn Spanish fast?

If you want to learn Spanish fast the only way that I know is invest every day a lot time studying and practice. You can practice with a Spanish speaker friend or with a teacher.

I used to do intensive lessons in Toronto with some students for 3 or 4 hours every day and the advance is incredible. For learn fast, live with the language.  For this reason also I offer a Spanish Inmersions in Spain with me, is one the best ways to learn fast the Spanish.

How did you become fluent in Spanish learning as an adult?

This is question it would be for one of my students.

The key of learn a language as an adult is to dedicate time to study every day. Also, is important to practice the oral skills because maybe you know a lot of words, grammar in Spanish but the oral practice is different, the brain works different and you need to practice this with a teacher or with other persons.


How to become fluent in Spanish in a couple months?

Good question. If you want to be fluent in a couple of month you need at least 500 hours for reach B2 level that we can considerer fluent in Spanish.

According with my calculations you need to study or do lessons with a teacher 8 hour every day for 2 months.

But for example, if you start from the level A2 so you know some Spanish you will need 320 hours and according to my calculates are 5-6 hours per day for reach the level B2.

Other question is, what do you understand for fluent? Because maybe you need only to speak simple things and survive in a Spanish speaker country so with the level B1 maybe is enough.

What is the best and easiest method to learn Spanish?

There is not an unique method for learn Spanish or whatever language.
My recommendation is:

You must to think about how is the things that help you for learn a language. For example, there are persons likes to study the grammars firstly and other persons likes to study with Spanish music. Each person learns in different ways. I give some examples:

  • Learn listening music.
  • Learn reading books.
  • Learn writing.
  • Learn watching series and films.
  • Learn studying grammar by themselves.
  • Learn with interaction with the speakers. (having friend or girlfriend/boyfriend).
  • Learn with a private teacher.
  • Learn in a group

When you know which the best method for learn you must find the resources or how you can do you it.For me the best way to learn a language is with interaction with the speakers and simulating the real life in the lessons.

Methodology: At least you were a passionate of the grammar my favorite methodology and besides I do it is:the communicative approach and like to give my personal touch that I work strongly the relation among the student and me, I try to do humor in class and to give a lot of positive reinforcement.


What is the best website in which to learn Spanish?

I hope one day it will be this page 😊

Well, seriously there are hundreds of pages really good but only with a page yours are not going to speak Spanish, you need someone for practice.


Which is the best software to learn Spanish?

I don´t believe in the software for learn Spanish. I believe more in the persons that can you teach you.

How to learn to speak Spanish by myself?

The true is that I think is impossible to learn to speak Spanish by yourself. The conversation is with 2 persons at least…so…Maybe you can practice a speech or practice your pronunciation.

How to start to learn Spanish?

If you seriously want to learn Spanish I recommend you that start with a course or with a teacher. With the applications is only for play a little and know some words.



I´ve seen that there are a lot of worries for learn Spanish very quickly and to be fluent as soon as possible.

I don´t say that impossible and it depend of the person because if some one know to speak different languages it will be more easy to learn a new language.

But firstly that you must to know is that there are not the perfect method and for me and for other teachers or students and I am 100% sure that the best way, the faster way and the more optimize way to learn a language like Spanish is to have a private teacher.

If you want to know about my Spanish lessons you can check my different services:

Spanish private lessons and courses for levels

Business Spanish Courses

Special services with the Spanish

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