¡Hola! Thanks you for visit my web of Spanish lesson online. I offer private lessons of Spanish online and I would like to explain how it is works and how I am going to work with you for reach your targets. According to my exprience, private lessons are the best way to learn a language like the Spanish because your are going to optimize your time in against using other methods or APP. I like to do focus in conversation for develop your communications skills and give you confident as soon as possible. Don´t worry if you don´t like the grammar because I defend to learn a language in natural way, speaking and listening.



Conversation and listening is the natural way to learn a language. In addition to be funier you are going to learn how to comunicate quickly if only you study grammar. I assure you that in my lessons we are going to speak a lot of and you will be the protagonist.


Don´t worry if you don´t have your own material of Spanish, I will provide you the material neededs for do the lessons and if you don´t like, we´ll looking for other more adecuates. Also we can work with specific material if is needed.


I like funy lessons. As we have more lessons and we know more about each one we'll enjoy and we'll laughing more. I have a lot of humor senso and soon or later all my students laugh with me. 100% guaranteed.


As a professional independet I like happy money. It means that if for something you aren´t happy with my services, simply tell me it and I am back your money. I like that my students are happies when there are paying it and with they are receiving it. It is the same deal that I hope when I work with other professional.


I am going to be your private tutor and I am going to take care for your evolution of the spanish learning. Besides to give your support with the idiomatic questions also I am going to give you encourage and help you to looking for reasong to follow learning. To learn a language requiere of a lot of hours and you need some one you trust.


Besides to be spanish native I have 3 years of experience teaching online and also I´ve been teaching in Paris and Toronto. During this time I´ve learn about my mistakes and I´ve been able to develop a good method of learning that give results.


Admin your time of learning with the Spanish how you want, you can determinate the intensity and the timetable. I have an agenda and you can book directly. My recommendation is that you do not take less than 3 hours per week if you want to see progresses.


Time is valious. I know. We are working for optimize your time learning Spanish. Every second in contact with the language is a step to the successful.


I´ll give you access to App and website where you will be able to play for memorize new words, expressions or conjugation of the verbs. This list of words will be create for me according you needs in every lesson. *Only available if you contract Pack of hours or courses.


I´ll give you acess to interactive exercises with different areas to work and you can work by yourself only with the computer. For example: You can choose to do exercises kind: Comunicative resources, grammatical resources, topics. And inside of this categories there are more sub-categories. *Only available if you contract Pack of hours or courses.


I´ll give you acces to a specific videos acording to your level with a specific topics or frecuently problems for learn Spanish. This videos are specificly designe for learn Spanish but its simulate situations in the real life. *Only available if you contract Pack of hours or courses.


spanish teacher online

My name is Gerardo and I’m from Zaragoza in Spain, I was born in beginer of 80s. 
I grow up in a tipical family of Spain and I have 2 brothers and a lot of cousins and uncles and aunt. We are wonderful family. 

I have several passions: teach Spanish, meteorology, marketing and history.  Also I feel passion for my city and the village where I´ve been most of summers and I have a lot of really good friends, Fuentes de Magaña.

I am a graduate in Business Administration from the University of Zaragoza with the specialization in marketing, the fate pushed me to work in a IT company for almost 10 years like a account manager, I handled a big companies and I was really good in my work but after some years I started felt depress and bored with this work and my life start to lost the meaning…I had all that the socierty tell you that you have to have: car, house, security…but not happinies…after a travel to Oporto I decided to 180 degree turn in my life. I left my job, my city and my family and I started to travel and to live different. 

I was really scared, I went out of my confort area and it was the best decission ever in my life. 

I was living in Paris and traveling for Asia for 6 months, I was in Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. After of this trip I was living in Canada with a Visa Working Holiday one wonderful year where I worked hard and I made a lot of friends. 

Now I am living in Spain so far, but I am looking for new aventures.

Before to start this crazy time,  I obtained a degree as Professor of Spanish as a foreign language endorsed by Instituto Cervantes and I started to teach Spanish online and in Paris and Toronto. I started to enjoy my lessons and I recover the passion for a job. To know persons, cultures and teach is simply wonderful.

How about you? Would you tell something about you? 🙂 


Gerardo is a great teacher! He challenges me by only using Spanish, and immersing me in conversation, but takes time to make sure I understand and writes out all the new phrases and vocabulary. I appreciate his knowledge of business because that is the exact field I wish to learn Spanish for. He also gives great recommendations for practice outside of class and I have some fun homework reading business journals and articles on entrepreneurship :)'




Hi my name is Bastian and I am from Germany , I am taking Spanish classes now since 1 year , and my Spanish improved a lot. I am very happy plus with Gerardo he is a great teacher, he is very flexible funny and always on time . I really like the lessons and how he is explaining everything ! I can highly recommend him to everybody who wants to improve there Spanish in a nice and fast way !!!!!

B. Dieckell



Gerardois a really great Spanish teacher, My classes with him has greatly improved my Spanish. I love the language and Bruno’s teaching style makes learning easy and fun. He has a great sense of humour and is very patient. I highly recommend him for your Spanish teacher

H. Edwards



Gerardo is a professional teacher of Spanish who helped me considerably in learning the grammar and speaking and understanding the language. His lessons are fun, interesting, and very informative. I liked that during the lessons there is a lot of conversation which is used in a practical way to illustrate and resolve some specific questions I had. Gerardo really enjoys teaching which makes it more enjoyable to learn. He also has experience teaching Spanish for business which was really useful.




Gerardo was my Spanish teacher for approximately a year here in Toronto and I would recommend him, without hesitation, as an ideal Spanish teacher. He is friendly, interesting, creative, supportive and makes learning Spanish a great pleasure. My speaking and comprehension ability improved very substantially because of Gerardo, for which I am very grateful. Lawrence Fagan, Toronto Canada




I really enjoyed my lesson with Gerardo. He's interesting to talk to and found many good discussion topics. He's very good at choosing appropriate language for the level and his pronunciation is clear so it was easy to understand him. We talked about many things and he gave me some useful vocabulary and helped me when I was struggling with grammar without breaking the flow of conversation




Ein Lehrer, der wirklich zu empfehlen ist. Man merkt, dass er ein erfahrener Lehrer ist. Er hilft dir deine Aussprache zu verbessern und geht gezielt auf deine Schwächen ein. Ich habe Spanisch studiert und nehme bei ihm regelmäßig Unterricht, um meine sprachlichen Fähigkeiten weiter auszubauen. Auch auf diesem hohen Niveau ist ein guter Ansprechpartner. Zeitlich ist er sehr flexibel und schafft es auch zwischenmenschlich auf dich einzugehen. Ich kann ihn nur empfehlen! C'est un prof extraordinaire. Avec lui on va apprendre très vite parce qu'il s'adapte très vite à ton niveau de langue. Il est très paciente et compétant. J'aime bien travailler avec lui. Il es vraiment expert en conservation. En plus, on peut compter sur lui. Je le recommande vraiment à tous qui veulent apprendre español et aussi a tous qui ont déjà un niveau assez avancé.




Gerardo Abio is a very good and competent teacher of Spanish. His good knowledge of processes in selling IT products enables him to help other professionals in these areas to gain the correct and specific terminology in Spanish. He has also very friendly and encouraging approach while teaching his native language.




I take every morning spanish class with Gerardo. Despite the 06.30am he is always on time and in a good humour. He has been a teacher for quite a while, which you can feel in his classes. He explains very well and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to improve his spanish skills.





If you want to do classes at your own pace and according to your time it allows you, I recommend the option of private classes one by one paying for each class you are doing.

I offer a single price for these classes of €18/hour.

Why this price?  Maybe you think is expensive or not but this price is just I think is fair. More or less every week I can do from 10-15 lessons per week and the rest of the time I don´t have incomes. With this cuantity of lessons and this price I could earn enough money for pay taxes and my spend and save some money.

It´s a professional service, one to one, and with this you are going to optimize your time more than in a Spanish group of lessons. We are going to work in your specific problems.

For example, if you are in a group of Spanish with other 10 students in one hour maybe your real interaction is 6 minutes but in a private lesson your interaction with me is 60 minutes.

In these classes I offer you the following:

– 60 minutes of Spanish lessons with me on Skype.
– Fun and motivational classes.
– Classes with focus on conversation.
– Materials included to work on your own.
– Duties if you want.
– Motivation for you to learn Spanish.
– All my help and patience to help you.
– I will focus on your motivations.
– I will be your personalized Spanish assistant.


In the next contact form you contact me and send me your request for learn Spanish. I would like to know:

– Which your motivation for learning Spanish?

– Which you level of Spanish?

– When would you like to do the lessons?

– Questions about my lessons? 

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This are my plans according to the different levels there are in a Spanish language.  In this plans there a disccount of the price of 12% if you pay in advance. 

From beginer to fluent. In this courses we are goint to do focus in the subject that you have to dominate for pass to the next level. If depend of you, we can finish the level in this time or maybe we need more lessons for finish it. 

LEVEL A1 or A2

  • 20 LESSONS

Start to comunicate in Spanish.



  • 20 LESSONS

Increase the complexity of your ideas.



  • 20 LESSONS

Domain almost all subject.
Almost without mistakes.



  • 20 LESSONS

You will be able to understand this:
"Me corto el rollo el gilipichis este"

Special services are a group of diferent services that I could provide. 
This is the services:
– Skype Access/WhatsApp service. With this service you can talk with me directly and practice your Spanish every day like if you talk with a friend. 
– Proofreading. I´ll help you with your text and homework if you need. 
– Group of WhatsApp. You can follow a group energized for me where we use the Spanish. Learn with jokes and other kind informal conversations. 
– Other Services. Do you need a special services with the Spanish? For example like if you would need to someone for translations, would you like that I accompain you to a travel or whatever thing. 


This option is the chepeast one but not for this worst. You can check in my calendar when are going to do the lesson in group.
Fundamentaly, we are going to speak about different topics or we are going to do games o simulations in the real life. Also is perfect for know other students and learn with them.

The lesson will be record and you will be able to see in the future.

Also if you have some friends or group of persons we can arrange a lesson online in group. 


Would you like to pass a time with me and my family and friends in Spain learning Spanish?

It could be one of the best experience in your life. 
I live in Zaragoza, in Nort east of Spain. It is one the most popular and beatiful cities of the Spain. In the region there also the most beatiful small villages in Spain and the incredibles Pyrinees and the desert of Los Monegros. There are also 1 hour and half to Barcelona and to Madrid and 300km to Bilbao and Valencia. It is a perfect place to visit Spain and to know the real life.
I offer a experience tailor to needs or budget. In all cases you are going to enjoy real life, food and friends that I have and also you are going to lear Spanish in natural way.


I offer a course Online of Spanish with a lot of resources and for level.

This course is focus in developed the communication and it is for learn for yourself. 

There are: Videos, Podcast, Vocabulary, Grammar Explanation, reading and exercises of writing. 

Also, if you have suggestion I could prepare specific material for you in this way. 

All this for only 5€/month and every month more content.


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